Emotional Literacy: How to Be Emotionally Street-smart

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Emotions are essential for our lives and survival and are the most basic and important aspect of your overall wellbeing. But yet, most of us never learn how to handle our emotions, and according to research, only one third of us can accurately identify our emotions. It is interesting, though, that we learn without any formal instruction to repress, numb, or ignore our emotions. We distract ourselves and develop coping strategies (i.e.: eating, shopping, drinking, drugs) so that we feel better. And for the most part, we are not aware we may be emotionally illiterate. The end result can be traumatic, and at sometimes, tragic.

So the more we can increase our emotional literacy, the more we can become aware of our emotions and can identify their purpose, the more we will be in control of our lives rather than being at the mercy of what life throws at us. And the happier and healthier we’ll be.

Using a framework of positive psychology this program will help us increase our emotional awareness and literacy so that we can lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

Length:  Three 2-hr workshops, delivered in three consecutive weeks. Attendance is required at all sessions as each session builds on the others.


  • Understand that we have both an emotional and a rational brain, and the respective role of each.

  • Learn about the purpose of our negative and positive emotions, and how they can work for or against us.

  • Move towards greater awareness of our emotions and become more attuned to the feelings of others.

  • Understand what triggers us & others. Use the knowledge to communicate more effectively & shift our emotions through our thoughts.

  • Learn how to get unstuck or dwelling in an emotion.

  • Learn how to work with the emotions to make us healthier, more resilient and efficacious.

  • Learn how to enhance the amount of positivity we have in our lives so that we can better handle the curveballs that life throws at us.


Pre-requisites/preparation: None. Just an open mind and the willingness to be open to explore our emotions and how they impact our lives.

This program is not recommended for individuals with severe depression, a history of psychosis, or who become flooded with traumatic material when tuning into their experience.