Ivan Queiroz Lifestyle Wellness Coach

Learn more about my training and my unique approach to coaching.

I am Ivan Queiroz, and I have been a technology professional for a large part of my adult life. I have worked as a computer operator, programmer analyst, application engineer, systems manager, software engineer, project manager, and so on. I’ve worked in the financial and fitness industries, but have spent most of my career in healthcare. And a long time ago, I also did some agricultural work and worked in the food industry.

While I genuinely loved my work, throughout the years I realized the high stress and breakneck demands were causing a total work-life unbalance. I was in a funk – stressed out, overweight, smoking regularly, and eating unhealthily.

After some friends raised concerns about my well-being, I began a significant transformation. I started exercising, changed my eating habits, did a lot of soul searching, and became fit, healthy, and developed a balanced lifestyle. I also discovered mindfulness meditation, which was instrumental in managing my stress.

Over the course of the next few years, I learned about nutrition, exercise physiology, behavior modification, the principles of neuroplasticity, flow, and motivation theory, among other things. It took a lot of determination, persistence, and stamina – and it gave me a totally new perspective on life.

It was soon after that I discovered coaching and became a professional coach. It’s been the perfect way to share my knowledge and life experiences with others and to help and support people experiencing similar circumstances and struggles. I've been there and done that, so I have what it takes to help professionals discover a more balanced life with wellness as an integral part.

As part of my "transformation," I became a competitive cyclist, which led me to ultra-marathon cycling, and to many other activities like running, hiking, skiing, and more. The energy and satisfaction I get from these activities are beyond measure! I’ll continue doing them and encourage others to find physical activities and healthy habits that suit their interests and lifestyle as a way to tap into their best, balanced self. Wellness is a journey that lasts a lifetime, not a destination!